Rob Simms Headshot

Rob Simms
Co-Founder & CEO

Rob has over 15 years of launching, managing and delivering events across the world for both large technology and boutique event companies. As a result, he has built supreme relationships with CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, CISOs and other senior business executives. Rob is an expert in communication, networking, public speaking and connecting people. 

Prior to starting CAMSS World, Rob served as CIO Ambassador for Vera, a leading data security company, where he ran networking events. Before he joined Vera, Rob spent two years with cloud technology firm Box (NYSE: BOX). During his time with Box, he built out the customer advisory board across EMEA and operated the CIO Communities and Trusted CXO partners in the US, Canada and Europe. Prior to his career with Box, Rob spent six years living and working in North America where he built and has maintained a strong reputation amongst various C-Level networking circles, within the Fortune 1000 listed companies. 

Before his chosen career path, Rob spent many years with the BBC as a radio presenter and sports commentator.

Jason Cenamor Headshot

Jason Cenamor
Co-Founder & President

Jason began his career in the events industry in 2009 working on a range of event-types within the United Kingdom, before overseeing the launch of new programs across Europe, North America and South America.

In 2012, Jason moved to Chicago to take on a position within the IT industry, forging strong relationships with leading service providers, vendors and CXOs across multiple fields and industries.

When starting CAMSS World, Jason aspired to creating an event company with the primary focus of having the client's best interests at its heart, while offering a supreme environment for talented individuals to thrive and grow.

Jason Clarke
Executive Advisor

Jason is a senior marketing and business development professional with over 18 years of international experience in North America and EMEA. With expertise in the development and implementation of strategic sales and integrated marketing programs,

Jason brings a wealth of brand management and event execution experience to the CAMSS World team, providing proven leadership and motivational abilities to drive the growth and future success of the company.